Frequently Asked Questions


Does the cost include an album?
No, here at Two and a Half Album Designs we only offer the design service. Albums are not included in the design order. You will receive the design layout files that you can use to order through other album companies. You can order your albums from Woodland Albums or if you are a photographer, you can order from Forbeyon. Album ordering is a separate process and charges for the albums are not included in Two and a Half Album Designs.
How should I submit my images?

*Order won’t be processed unless all required images are submitted.

You will be able to send images as you fill out the form in the order page.
Go to order page ->
 Minimal, Artistic

For Images :

  • Save your hi-res images at 300dpi and in chronological order.
  • Create a folder and name it as your order name.
  • Right click on the folder and select “Compress Items”.
  • Find the created .zip archive and drag to
  • Put under “Friend’s email”.
  • Enter your email under “Your email”.
  • Put your order name in the message. Ex : Michelle & John
  • Click “Transfer” to submit your images.

For Logo Image :

  • Put your “order name” and “LOGO” in the message at WeTransfer. Ex : Michelle & John – LOGO

How should I save my images?
Save your hi-res images at 300dpi and in chronological order.
Are all of my images used in the design?
Yes, we will use all of the images you have submitted in the design.
Can I submit more images than the maximum total images of the sides?
Yes, you can submit more images if you want. You can submit up to 400 images. Additional images are $.50 per image. Submit the images via our channel at WeTransfer to Don’t forget to put your “order name” in the message. Ex : Michelle & John

16 sides – 20 sides : 60 max images
21 sides – 30 sides : 80 max images
31 sides – 40 sides : 100 max images
41 sides – 50 sides : 120 max images
51 sides – 60 sides : 140 max images
61 sides – 70 sides : 160 max images
71 sides – 80 sides : 180 max images
81 sides – 110 sides = 210 max images
111 sides – 140 sides = 240 max images
141 sides – 170 sides = 270 max images
171 sides – 200 sides = 300 max images

What is the recommended images per spread by design style?
For Minimal design, up to 4 images per spread is best. For Artistic design, up to 5 images per spread.
I sent the wrong images, can I quickly submit new images?
Our turnaround time is fast, which means after you submit the images, we will work on the design as quick as possible. Please give us a call or send us an email to check if the designer has started working on the image you want to swap. If the designer has already started working on the image, you will be charged $.50 per any additional image. If the designer hasn’t worked on the image, you can quickly swap the image at no cost.
How early can I get my designs?
Our turnaround time for Minimal design order is 4 business days. Artistic design order is 10 business days.
How can I track my orders?
Go to My Account page to view your recent orders.
I need to make changes to the design, how can I revise?
You will get 3 free sets of revisions within 60 days after receiving the initial design. We will send you a link of the design for your review. You can type in your comments and notes for the designer to revise the design. Please be specific as possible when leaving the comment.

Don’t -> “Please change the image with the dark background to a different image.”
Do -> “Please change 33_Kelly&Mike to 24_Kelly&Mike.

  • Be as clear and specific as possible. Non-specific changes are considered redesigns.
  • Remain concise in your revision requests.
  • Use file names and descriptions when referring to images. If you have color requests, provide those colors.

How long does it take for the designer to work on revision?
After you have submitted comments for the designer to make changes to the design, the revision will be done in 3-5 business days.
I have used all 3 free revisions, but I still need to make changes. What is the price for additional revisions?
Additional revisions are $25 per layout/spread. Go to Revisions and put your order number and submit payment. Change the number of quantity depending on the number of layouts/spreads you are wanting for additional revisions.
How do I get my designs?
Downloadable High Res JPGs of finished designs will be available to you once you approve the designs. Click the “Approved” button in the proofing page. We will then send you the finished designs via WeTransfer to your email. Please check your email and download the files.
In what file format do I get my designs?
You will receive your designs in High Res JPG format.
Can I put my logo in the design?
Yes, you can add your studio logo in the last layout of the design. Please send the logo file in JPG format via WeTransfer.

For Logo Image :

  • Put your “order name” and “LOGO” in the message at WeTransfer. Ex : Michelle & John – LOGO

How long do you keep my digital image files on your server?
The approved final High Res JPG layouts of the design will be archived and accessible on our server for up to 1 year; however, the original images and revision layouts will be deleted when the final approval is submitted to us.